OUR Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to live in safety, dignity, and health, free to lead their lives as they wish. However, we acknowledge that racism is a fundamental obstacle to our vision. We understand that white people created American racism, and we believe that white people have an important role in undoing it.

To achieve this vision, we focus on preparing primarily white people to be more useful and active in the growing multiracial coalition to end racism. We provide them the resources and challenge they need to remain engaged and accountable in working toward collective liberation. Our work addresses oppression at every level, from the structural down to our physical bodies, hearts, and minds. We believe that it is possible to align our embodied experience with our values and visions for the world we wish to create. 

Photo Credit: Nilaya Sabnis

Photo Credit: Nilaya Sabnis


We engage primarily white people in critical anti-racism, embodied human development, and accountable community practices. By challenging white people to develop into vital, emotional, embodied humans, we aid them in working authentically for equity.

We weave together anti-racist education with activities that help people process their emotions and experiences on a visceral level. We emphasize building personal resilience, calling people in compassionately, and building in-the-moment skills to stay the road toward justice. We offer a unique lens that moves us beyond a merely intellectual analysis of racism, straight into the body—where the complex legacy of white supremacy lives. Growing out of transformative personal work, we challenge white people to take tangible, ongoing action against racism.

Because conversations about race and racism cannot occur in a vacuum, we facilitate relational experiences in community. When appropriate, we work with mixed-race groups—but only after the white community members have learned how to process their own emotions, rather than placing that burden on people of color.

We recognize that we will make mistakes—and we will keep going. We are committed to racial justice and equitable outcomes for all people.

What is embodied equity?