We offer open-enrollment workshops, committed groups, organizational consulting, and individual coaching.

Our offerings are informative, transformative, and motivating. We call people in and catalyze allyship without shaming, blaming, or perpetuating white fragility. We partner with people who have not yet engaged in anti-racism, providing them with foundational tools to challenge oppression, and we challenge seasoned anti-racists to deepen and more fully embody their practice. Collectively, our team brings 50+ years of experience working with issues of equity.

We have explicit accountability structures to people of color in our community, and we are grateful for their feedback and support. Further, we believe reparations are due to people of color in this country and consequently donate 10% of our profits to grassroots, people of color led organizations with commitments to racial justice. Currently our workshops and groups are offered in the New York City metro area and the Hudson Valley, on Lenape and Mohican land. We offer coaching and consulting nationally.



We offer experiential workshops that engage white people to embody principles of anti-racism so that they take action toward building an equitable society. We provide people with practical skills, while building emotional intelligence and bodily resilience.

Committed Groups

We offer committed groups that challenge white people to take their social justice learning, embodiment practice and anti-racist activism to another level. Through intimate group dynamics, people explore how bias and privilege live in their bodies, relationships, and larger social structures. Most importantly, participants are required to take tangible, ongoing action against racism! Our groups meet monthly for 6 months. We practice deep work in small groups so that more white people can be grounded and useful in the growing multiracial movement for justice.

Individual Coaching

We guide individuals to create actively equitable personal lives, communities, and professional cultures. Our one-on-one model enables facilitators and participants to meet via an online platform in which we inspire people to engage in critical analysis, experience and practice embodied equity, and do their own work around building resilience. In our dynamic, you will be held accountable to practice what you learn in your life—and to continue to exercise your newfound skills with a foundation of feedback and support.

Coaching is ideal for educators and those on the front lines of social justice—such as social workers, mental health professionals, counselors, and people interfacing across social differences in their personal and professional lives. Coaching will be especially for helpful for white leaders in a variety of disciplines, as well as those who may not have a social justice professional learning community or mentors.


Our facilitators have extensive experience working with schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We offer you a thorough needs assessment and design workshops, trainings, and strategies that enable you to integrate the framework of Embodied Equity into your professional environment. This can include integrating restorative practices, developing equitable hiring procedures, coaching internal staff to facilitate diversity trainings, and designing equitable and inclusive organizational systems. We coach you in developing accountability practices within your system, and over time, we teach you how to sustain these practices. We operate on the belief that we cannot change until we are functionally embodying equitable ways of being with ourselves and one another; once we do this, we can address and enable systemic change.